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Clinical Assay Development


SciAnalytical Strategies offers collaboration and consulting opportunities in the field of clinical mass spectrometry.  Unparalleled experience and expertise in developing and pre-validating fit-for-purpose LC-MS-MS methods to support clinical analysis.  Method development can be accomplished remotely or on-site, followed by transfer of pre-validated and qualified methods to collaborators.

Opiates and Drugs of Abuse

Customized LC-MS-MS methods for the analysis of a wide range and number of opiates and other drugs of abuse.  QQQ mass spectrometry allows for the highest selecitivity and sensitivity of detection for multiple analytes from a single sample

THC and Synthetic Cannibinoids

THC and related substances assays by LC-MS-MS.  

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

High Sensitivity LC-MS-MS of serum and whole blood microsamples. Click on link below to see our latest presentation at MSACL 2015.


MSACL2015 Poster Link

Insulin and analogs

Custom methods for the detection and quantification of insulin analogs


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