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SciAnalytical has established collaborations with early stage biotechnology companies as well as publicly traded pharmaceutical companies.  Projects span medicinal chemistry services (LC/UV/ELSD/MS), absorption screening and flux analysis by LC/MS/MS, mechanism of action studies, biomarker/target engagement confirmation, ADMET, bioanalysis (drug exposure), PK-PD as well as special projects. 


State-of-art high resolution HPLC/UV/ELSD/MS analysis to support medicinal chemistry projects, including reaction monitoring, final product purity assessment, formulation analysis.

Turn-around times are industry-leading.  You can expect results within 24 hours of sample submission.

Sample MedChem LC/UV/ELSD/MS Report

PK Bioanalysis

High performance LC/MS/MS analysis to support plasma and tissue bioanalysis. Turn-around times are industry-leading.  You can expect results within 48 hours of sample submission.

Sample BA Report


Extensive experience with mcirosampling to support PK and PK/PD and pre-clinical biomarker measurements. Microvolumes of whole blood onto solid support (e.g., MITRA) or into serum collection tubes (e.g., Sarstedt).  Following sample preparation, microsamples are analyzed by LC/MS/MS and drug levels quantified with confidence.

MSACL Poster Link

Clinical Assay Development

Method development and pre-validation of laboratory developed tests applying state-of-art LC/MS/MS


  • drugs of abuse

  • THC and related species

  • Custom panels


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